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Hello friends, I hope you all are fit and fine and enjoying at home with my articles. It is time to read one more article written particularly for you all. So firstly tell me did you ever thought what makes any essential oil unique? We have till now dealt with several essential oils. If you know then it’s great as I have come across this in earlier blogs. If not let me tell you each essential oil consist of different class of chemical compounds which imparts the oil with therapeutic properties.

For instance, Rose oil is rich in Geraniol and Citronellol which is responsible for the rosy fragrance of oil and other notable properties. Similarly today we will deal with Cardamom oil and will tell you what makes this essential oil unique. We will also discuss in what ways you can utilize Cardamom oil.

So without thinking twice, come along with me to explore this blog. I will quickly give you a short introduction of Cardamom oil.

Short Introduction of Cardamom oil: 

Cardamom has earned itself a high reputation and is one of the world’s ancient spices. Its familiarity and usage is common in Indian kitchens as it imparts an aroma that is delightful. It grows wild in the forests of Western Ghats and is native to the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia. It is a beloved spice in Asian, Middle Eastern, and European culinary dishes irrespective of its high price.

It was used by ancient Egyptians and Arabs as a go-to remedy for tooth cleaning and the digestive system. Greeks and Romans utilized it as a perfume because of its fragrance. The cardamom oil is extracted from the seeds of fruit using steam distillation. The oil is rich in chemical compounds which impart properties that make it so valuable. Its use in the medicinal and food industry is immense. This is why today we are going to quickly look into the uniqueness enjoyed by Cardamom oil.

Uniqueness of Cardamom oil: 

As I said uniqueness of essential oil lies in their chemical composition. Cardamom oil contains chemical compounds like cineol, alpha-terpineol, myrcene and limonene which are accountable for valuable properties possessed by Cardamom oil. These properties include antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunity booster etc. Let us see them in context of Cardamom oil.

  1. Antiseptic: It is no wonder that cardamom oil has antiseptic properties in it. Cardamom seeds have always been chewed to avoid the bad odor of the mouth. The oil of seeds fulfills the same purpose. It helps to keep germs at bay. It can also be added to drinking water to eliminate the germs in it. The application of oil in food is also common as it protects food from microbial spoilage. In can even in incorporated in bath water to disinfect hair and skin.
  2. Antioxidant: The cardamom oil has in it a very beneficial antioxidant property. This property of oil helps to fight against free radicals that generate in the body. The property of antioxidants has been linked with lower blood pressure. This has been concluded by research.
  3. Anti-inflammatory: Cardamom oil also has in it anti-inflammatory property which is because of the composition of oil which fights against inflammation. It thus helps protect body if it is attacked by foreign substances.
  4. Immunity booster: Cardamom oil is an excellent source of minerals. Thus it helps to boosts overall immunity of the body. The oils iron and copper content is important for cellular energy metabolism and for the generation of red blood corpuscles (RBC’s). The oil also contains potassium in it that is helpful in maintaining cardiovascular health. It also has manganese in it that enhances the antioxidant property of the object. This way cardamom oil boosts the overall immunity of the body.
  5. Antimicrobial: Because of the powerful anti-oxidant property, this oil has the potential to deal with harmful microorganisms and even decrease their growth. This quality of oil can be utilized in the preservation of food and beverages. The use of cardamom in cosmetics especially mouth wash is a trend because it improves oral hygiene by killing germs and it also eliminates bad breath.
  6. Stimulant: Essential oils have their effect on the overall health of the body. The wonderful middle note spicy aroma of cardamom oil holds the potential to overcome depression and fatigue. In addition to that, it energizes the secretion of many enzymes and hormones, gastric juices, circulation as well as excretion. Therefore it maintains the overall metabolic action of the body.
  7. Diuretic: This property of oil is also very beneficial in treating various bodily defects. The use of cardamom oil encourages urination. This will help an individual lose weight, lower blood pressure. This is also effective against eliminating toxins as well as clean calcium and urea deposits through kidneys.
  8. Antispasmodic: Essential oils have always been in rescue from muscular spasms. Cardamom oil too holds the antispasmodic properties that provide relief from muscular and respiratory spasms. This ultimately gives relief from muscle pulls and cramps, asthma and also whooping cough.
  9. Stomachic: Cardamom oil stimulates the overall digestive system of the body and that too in a positive way. In addition, it is stomachic naturally that is it promotes the appetite and assists digestion. It plays a key role in keeping the stomach healthy. It helps to keep up with the secretion of gastric juices, bile juices, and acids within the stomach. In short, cardamom oil aids in digestion and also safeguards the stomach from infections.
  10. Aphrodisiac: Cardamom is a well known aromatic spice. Various cultures claim that cardamom oil has in it powerful aphrodisiac qualities, that can help to treat impotence. It also helps to heal sexual weakness, erectile dysfunction, lack of libido and frigidity. The oil is rich in eucalyptol that actually increases blood flow in areas where it is applied.
  1. Cardamom oil has a multitude of benefits, a glimpse of which can be found in the properties mentioned above. For detailed benefits of Cardamom oil, I would suggest you to read my previous article to get a deep insight of it on aromapedai.

Now we will move on to our segment where I will enlist some ways of using Cardamom essential oil. This section has been added to make it easy for you to adopt this magnificent essential oil in your life. 

Utilization of Cardamom oil:

 The utilization of essential oil simply tells you in what ways you can use the essential oil. So here I am mentioning some ways by which you can use Cardamom oil. Please note dilution of Cardamom oil in a Carrier oil and its patch test is a must before using oil. This is done to avoid any allergic reaction.

 1) Cardamom oil in Diffuser: It can be used in a diffuser to get benefit from its spicy aroma that energizes and relaxes the body. Add 3-4 drops of oil in a diffuser and breathe the aroma to induce relaxation after a tough day. The immunity system of body can also strengthen by diffusing cardamom oil. This can really be helpful in cold and flu season.

Cardamom oil + Diffuser = Relaxed mind & strengthen immune system

2) Cardamom oil as antispasmodic: Massage blend of cardamom oil can be prepared to utilize cardamom oil’s antispasmodic properties. Cardamom oil can be helpful to overcome muscle spasms, just massage few drops on oil in affected area. Mix 15 drops of oil with one ounce of carrier or base oil. Coconut oil is mostly preferred carrier oil. 

 Cardamom oil + Coconut oil = Antispasmodic properties

3) Cardamom oil in Aromatherapy blend: Cardamom oil blends well with other essential oils like Orange, Rose, and Eucalyptus oil so it can be mixed with them and applied. Cardamom oil weight loss diffuser blend can be prepared with help of other essential oils like grapefruit and cinnamon. This can be diffused to enjoy the aroma and get benefits.

 Cardamom oil + Orange oil = Aromatherapy blend

4) Cardamom oil for bad breath: Cardamom oil can also be used to get rid of bad mouth odor. For this application, mix 2 drops cardamom oil to tablespoons of water. Swish in your mouth for 30 seconds before spitting and rinsing.

Cardamom oil + Water = overcome bad breath

5) As cardamom oil is really beneficial in improving digestion, inhaling fragrance oil before and after meal can improve digestion. This can also be achieved by dabbing few drops of oil diluted with carrier oil on wrists or behind the ears.

6) Mix 3 drops of cardamom oil with that of carrier oil and massage with this mixture on skin. The warming effects of oil will help to boost the metabolism.

7) Cardamom oil can be incorporated into bath in form of aromatherapy. This will help to overcome stress and depression.

8) Add few drops of cardamom oil with water, this mixture can be used for washing face. This will help to disinfect skin and get rid of skin aliments.

 9) Cardamom oil can also be massaged on stomach, this will help to overcome problem of stomach pain and bloating.


Cardamom oil is pretty expensive but it is worth to incorporate this essential oil. It has enormous benefits as well as properties in it. I hope you all now have clear picture of Cardamom oil benefits and properties. Here it is a wrap up of this article.

I hope you find the article helpful and will be waiting to hear from you in comment section. Do share your views.

Thank you.

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