Five ways to use Eucalyptus Oil

Five ways to use Eucalyptus Oil

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil is steam distilled from fresh or partially dried Eucalyptus leaves.


The uses for Eucalyptus Essential Oil are abundant, ranging from medicinal and odorous to cosmetic. Its many forms include oils, gels, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and sprays, to name a few suggestions for homemade products.

Eucalyptus Oil for Skincare

The oil of the Eucalyptus plant is reputed to carry out diverse functions for the skin. They are well-known for their purifying and cleansing properties. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that diminish redness and acne-related symptoms. 

Another powerful feature of Eucalyptus oil for skin is its ability to increase the skin’s Ceramide content. Ceramides are simply the fatty acids responsible for sustaining and conserving the skin’s barrier and withholding its moisture content.

Eucalyptus oil helps in retaining the moisture content of the skin quite efficiently, thereby combating such complications. 

The harmful effect of the sun’s U.V rays is tremendously damaging to the skin, causing elastin and collagen degeneration. However, experts claim that this could be prevented to some extent by Eucalyptus oil. For this reason, it’s also used for treating sunburns.

Eucalyptus Oil uses for hair

Eucalyptus oil is known to have antimicrobial, anti-fungal and herbicidal properties which is beneficial for hair growth. The oil is distilled from the Eucalyptus leaves and processed into what you get in the market. Eucalyptus oil is a staple for hair-care and stimulates hair follicles, improves hair health, promotes hair growth, relieves itchy scalp and eradicates hair lice.

Read below to know how eucalyptus oil can stimulate hair growth.

Eucalyptus oil to cure an itchy scalp

Eucalyptus oil is known to have cooling properties. It provides a soothing effect on an itchy scalp. It also contains Methanol. Eucalyptus oil thus provides relief from over-scratching one’s scalp and helps get healthy hair.

Eucalyptus oil for hair growth stimulation

Eucalyptus oil is also known to improve blood circulation in the scalp. This, in turn, enhances hair growth. Massaging your scalp with the oil helps since the nutrients from it reach the hair follicles. This is beneficial for hair growth and gives you healthy, thick hair.

Eucalyptus oil for dandruff treatment

Half of the adult population suffers from dandruff and seborrheic disease according to reports. But eucalyptus oil works wonders for dandruff. It has strong anti-fungal properties and promotes hair growth. This prevents and keeps away the fungus that causes dandruff giving you healthy hair.

Eucalyptus oil helps to restore shine

Eucalyptus oil also helps in restoring the lost shine of your hair. It increases the number of ceramides in the scalp and hair. Ceramides hold the moisture in the hair. This allows light to bounce off it and appear shiny.

Method to Use Eucalyptus Oil

  • Before applying eucalyptus oil directly on the skin, dilute it in a carrier oil. You can then start by gently massaging the oil on your scalp and hair roots working your way up to the tips.
  • Using a comb spread out the oil throughout your hair. Leave it on for 30minutes to one hour. Rinse it off using a shampoo and do apply the conditioner.
  • Eucalyptus oil should always be mixed with a carrier like a castor oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil to dilute it. Eucalyptus oil or any essential oil for that matter can be toxic if used in high quantities. It is also known to cause an asthma attacks.
  • Hence, if you have a history of asthma it is better to avoid it. Pregnant women or those breastfeeding should also avoid it.
  • Consult your dermatologist before applying eucalyptus oil in case of earlier allergies. For safety, try it on a small patch of skin to check for rashes.


  •  Does not recommend the ingestion of essential oils. Pregnant and nursing women are particularly cautioned to avoid using essential oil without medical guidance.
  • When applied topically, Eucalyptus Oil should ideally be used in dilution, as using the oil directly or in high concentrations can potentially cause skin irritation.
  • A skin test is recommended prior to use. Eucalyptus Oil must never be used near the eyes, inner ears, or on any other particularly sensitive areas of skin.
  • The oil is generally safe for use on adult skin, but Eucalyptus Essential Oil should never be applied to the face of a child under 2 years old.
  • Individuals who suffer from allergic sensitivities could potentially experience airborne contact dermatitis with the use of Eucalyptus Oil, which could be uncomfortable, if not dangerous.

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